There have been times in my life when I thought that I wouldn’t be able to breathe if I wasn’t writing. At other times in my life, I did exactly that, continued to breathe while I didn’t write for months or even years. Life is a spiral though and mine has swung back around. I have to write, even if it is just to put all those lovely pens to good use.


I’ve written poetry off and on since I could spell. My first attempts were tapping out lines on the rather large Royal typewriter that belonged to my mother. Looking back, I think my love for poetry comes from the rather odd combination of Mother Goose and Edgar Allan Poe. See the Publications page for a listing of published poems and where to find them.


I’ve written fiction on and off since high school. Most of my work tends toward fantasy/science fiction and mystery.


I don’t think I can draw for beans, but using both a computer tablet and photomanipulation, I’ve had some fun and I thought I’d share.

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